Functions of DCEPD

In pursuing effective coordination of CEPD programmes to improve skills and knowledge of MUHAS staffs and health workers in the country at large, the directorate executes the following functions:

  • Facilitate, co-ordinate and regulate MUHAS CEPD activities
  • Conduct demand-driven CEPD courses.
  • Oversee professional development of MUHAS staff for enhanced CEPD delivery.
  • Conduct regular market research and needs assessment of CEPD and effect appropriate interventions.
  • In collaboration with other directorates and units, develop, promote, strengthen and maintain effective and sustainable infrastructure and institutional capacity for CEPD at MUHAS.
  • Promote and market CEPD capacities of the University
  • Coordinate and regulate development of ICT based and distance education CEPD and other distance education programmes at MUHAS.
  • Establish CEPD relevant partnerships with other training institutions, businesses, NGOs, development partners, local and international organisations.
  • Promote the financial sustainability of CEPD activities in the University.
  • Develop and maintain an accreditation and certification scheme for CEPD activities.